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We Never compromise on Quality.

Our penchant and the pursuit of quality is evident in our activities, in all our actions, at all times, everywhere.

(For Students appearing in our Admission Test to join a FIITJEE Classroom Program / Integrated School Program / Live Online Classroom Program)

Our selection criterion is fair transparent whereby, Students are selected on the basis of the merit of their performance in our Admission Test, and not through a first-come-first-serve basis.
They are also given the option of Challenging the Answer Key by displaying their OMR answer
sheets; which is highly unique for any Coaching Institute in the Country.

We are the Innovators Creators of Integrated School Programs like SUPREME PINNACLE

We were the first to recognise the need for an integrated study program for the Students that
combine the Competitive / Scholastic Exams Preparation with the School Curriculum to ensure success in both.
Our Integrated School Programs reduce the extra burden on the Student as the Competitive / Scholastic Exams Preparation is done within the School Schedule thereby, giving the Student ample time for self-study.

We are the inventors of the Specific IQ Test

to test the Temperament Potential of a Student for JEE. Till now, we are the only Institute that can successfully predict a Students’ Rank Potential Index (RPI) relate it to his / her future Potential Rank in JEE various other exams.

UNIQUELY DESIGNED Performance Analytics

We are the Innovators  Creators of Performance Analytics which is given to the Students through 24/7 accessible Online Test Series.

The 24/7 accessible Online Test Series focuses on Analytics using intelligent data metrics to review a Student’s performance.

Such Analytics empower Students by capturing their performance metrics like Time Management Speed while attempting the tests and map their Exam Temperament readiness.

The tests are bifurcated into Learn Mode Test Mode which further enhances learning.

The Analytics are provided in the form of graphical illustrations covering various aspects of performance – relative as well as absolute, productivity in terms of concept, and proficiency span in terms of chapters. The scope of Improvement is measured scientifically in order to give a correct understanding of what action or remedial measures will give maximum benefit.

Grand Masters Package (GMP)

We are the Innovators  Creators

of India’s only Crash Correspondence Course, Grand Masters Package (GMP). GMP is an exclusive fundamentals search based package of 1800 Top quality problems on new JEE pattern testing your understanding of the subject. It covers all aspects of JEE problem solving techniques

Computer based All India Test Series

We are the Innovators Creators

of All India Test Series (AITS) And even today, Our AITS (now being conducted in CBT mode) is the only test series of Real Substance in the entire Country.

Test Analysis Sessions

We are the Innovators  Creators

of Test Analysis Sessions Various Institutes have followed our footsteps and have now introduced, test analysis sessions that we started years ago. FIITJEE has always introduced various innovations ahead of their times.

Thus, no one can compete well with FIITJEE in the way we deliver our effective test analysis sessions.